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Play several music, video and picture files at the same time


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AK-Player is one of those multimedia players than when first run don't surprise you, but when you use it more times you realize it's more powerful and offers you more options and possibilities you thought.

AK Player supports video, audio and pictures, but that's not surprising, there are more programs out there that can do that. We were surprised when we started opening more and more videos and we had more than 10 videos playing on screen with no problems, all of them in HQ, with some pictures around them and the soundtrack my friend chose for the event.

The outstanding quality of the video player, together with the wide range of formats supported by this light multimedia player makes it to be a very good choice if you want to try something new.

Ok, it's not common to play several videos at once, but if it can play 10 and more HQ videos at once, imagine how it will play only one.

I've liked AK Player a lot, although the interface seems to be very poor, it works really well.

It also installs a Microsoft assistant that will be launched together with the program but you can uninstall it with no problems if you don't like it.

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